The next under-5s story time is on  Friday 16th March  9.30-10.15am

These sessions are popular with parents, carers and children, with music, singing and stories. Thanks to everyone who gives their time to plan and make them so successful. Everyone is welcome. Pay as you like. We're looking for more people who would like to help run these sessions, as they're so popular. Could you help? You wouldn't be on your own... 

Bookstart Bear Club

Children from 3 - 5 years can have a Bookstart Bear Club passport.  Each time they visit the library and take out some books they get a bearpaw stamp in their passport.  After 6 visits they get a certificate.  There are 10 certificates in total - which means 60 visits to the library!!

Joe has just received his gold certificate - which is the last one!!

The Book Trust have now brought out a reward system for young children and will gradually phase out the Bear Passport as all the children who are currently using it have collected all their certificates or feel they are too old to be part of it.

If you have already started collecting your certificates we have plenty left in all colours , so like Joe you will be able to collect all ten and get to your gold one!!

Lego Club

Next Lego club: Saturday 24th March, 1pm-3pm

15 enthusiastic and creative children came to the first meeting of the Lego Club on Saturday 24th January.

They made some fabulously inventive models in the 2 hours they were there and showed amazing powers of creativity and concentration!

The Lego Club will generally be held on the last Saturday of the month (may vary where there are bank holidays). The first meeting proved so popular that we were over subscribed as the size of the library means we have to limit places.  In order to be as fair as we can, each meeting will now be advertised on our Facebook site a week or so in advance and any children wanting to attend must have registered a place on there.