The next book groups will talk about:  

  • Wednesday 27th September: The Dogs and The Wolves, by Irène Némirovska
  • Wednesday 1st November: Vintage by Maxine Linnell 
  • Wednesday 29th November Falling in Love by Donna Leon

All meetings are 7.15-8.15pm. Everyone's welcome, whether you've read the book or not! Most of our choices are available in the county library stock, so you can reserve a copy for just £1 and collect it at our library. They're also available online at good prices. We choose books on recommendation, trying for a balance of genres. 

 If you'd like to suggest a book to read , bring it along or email   If you have any preferences, or would like to be part of a daytime group, please let us know.

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Falling in Love: A Commissario Guido Brunetti Mystery
Donna Leon's Death at La Fenice, the first novel in her beloved Commissario Guido Brunetti series, introduced readers to the glamorous and cutthroat world of opera and one of Italy's finest living sopranos, Flavia Petrelli then a suspect in the poisoning of a renowned German conductor. Years after Brunetti cleared her name, Flavia has returned to Venice and La Fenice to sing the lead in Tosca.

                            FALLING IN LOVE by Donna Leon

The Dogs and the Wolves: Irene Nemirovsky

This novel goes right back to Irene Nemirovsky's roots, sweeping the reader from the Jewish quarter of a Ukrainian city in the early years of the twentieth century to Paris in the twenties and thirties, and back again to eastern Europe in a snowy winter on the eve of war. At its heart is a tragic love, between Ada from the poor Jewish quarter and Harry, son of a rich financier. The dogs are the comfortable, assimilated rich Jews up on the hill, while the wolves, their distant cousins, struggle below in the ghetto. Ada grows up motherless, looked after first by her father, then by an indomitable, social-climbing aunt, and eventually moves to Paris with her aunt's family, all of them looking for a brighter future. Ada makes a living in Paris as an artist, painting scenes from the world she has left behind. Her cousin Ben, intense and ferociously intelligent, has loved her for years; they share memories - together they survived the terrible pogroms of their childhood - and he presses her to marry him. But Harry Sinner is also in Paris, moving in exclusive circles, and infatuated with the daughter of a wealthy gentile banker. One day, he buys two paintings which remind him of his past... and the course of Ada's life changes once more.

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Vintage: Maxine Linnell

Holly and Marilyn would rather be anywhere but here, on this normal Friday afternoon. Then something very weird happens, and they change places. There's only one problem. Holly lives in 2010. Marilyn lives in 1962.

'What is most interesting is the contrast in the social conventions and attitudes towards sex, family, and authority. Both girls find their new worlds both strange and oddly appealing. For Marilyn from the 1960s, the new freedoms of 2010 are exhilarating. For her counterpart Holly now living in 1962, despite initial feelings of claustrophobia, she finds she enjoys the close family ties, the valued friendships and the romance that are not so certain in her own time. A very compelling and thought-provoking read.' The School Librarian.